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Re: Algae

Will's algae issue:
> Tank setup:
> -    120gallon - pressurized CO2 into reactor
> -    2 250W MH 12hrs/day - bulbs ~6-8 inches above water  - good reflectors

Try 12 inches/10 hrs.

> -    eheim 2213 filled with ehfimech and floss - mainly used to pump water
> through reactor (btw - almost 10yrs old... never a problem with the eheim)
> -    powerhead with sponge prefilter
> -    Large window allows LOTS of morning light

Too much lighting. Reduce the input of MH.

> Removed blankets last weekend and 50% water change
> -    25ml TMG - 2 Tbsp MgS04 (based on Chuck's dosage calculator)
> -    Raised lights so bulbs ~12 inches above water
> -    Used amquel due to possible theory that ammonia spikes might cause GW and
> I had not been using amquel before

Did it occur to you that not using the amquel caused the GW(The Cl- killed
or hindered the bacteria that helps control NH4 enough to let it creep in)?
You ran a normal and very predictable sequence of events and attempts.
> Now to my dilemma...   water still a little hazy after lights back on but
> still pretty clear.. However, it is starting to cloud up again and I am very
> bummed out.  Any suggestions?

Filtration(Micron/diatom) or UV. It will work and is very predictable:). I
wish I could offer better advice but at this point. The haze can hang out
for a long time and GW can reappear again. Starvation will not beat this
Tom Barr   
> Will