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Well I finally got around to mixing up some PMDD.  Think I have read all
pertinent information in the archives, but need some help.  Mixed 10.5 t.
CSM with 1 t. Boric Acid for CSM + B.  Mixed 1 t. CSM + B with 1 t. Epsom
Salts and added 167 ml water.  This was according to Tim Mullens directions
on Krib.

The directions go on to say daily dosing of about 2 drops per 10 gallons per
day and adjust as needed.  Starting yesterday with a Fe start point of  0
ppm, added 15 drops PMDD, tested - result = 0 ppm Fe.  Added 25  drops Fe,
tested, still 0.  This morning added 15 drops, tested, still 0.

Jason Luebke sent me his usage pattern as a reference - for 150 gallons of
tanks 1/4 t. CSM per feeding.

Needles to say, huge difference.  Am I missing something here?  BTW, have
used both TMG and Liquid Gold.  The CSM + B mix looks like a weak Liquid
Gold.  Wouldn't surprise me if the LiquidGold  is CSM.

I feel a little sheepish asking this after reading James and Karens comments
in the archives about folks who don't know what they are doing staying away
from this stuff.  Or something to that effect.  But I just couldn't resist
trying it.

Thanks for any help,
Jay Reeves