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Re: Chicago

As far as fish/aquaria stores you might wish to visit, I can recommend one in
Chicago -- Old Town Aquarium.  They are in downtown Chicago off of N.
Wells St.  You can get driving directions to it by using
http://yp.yahoo.com, put in Chicago as the area to search and enter the
store name.  You can also use this to help locate other places that might
meet your personal interests.

Hope that helps some,


: Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 21:59:40 -0700
: From: Joanna Curtis <joanna.curtis at shaw_ca>
: Subject: Chicago
: Hi folks
: I shall be making my very first trip to the US on Thursday.  I'm visiting
: Chicago for Easter.  Any good places I should put on my visiting list?  
: Regards
: JC in Calgary