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Re: What distinguishes a plant from a weed ?

regarding your question, the simple answer is a plant out of place 
but it depends where you are in the scheme of things.   Here in the 
top of Australia, Hydrilla verticillata is an ordinary native local 
plant and over in the USA it is said to be the worst water weed 
possible.   I have been doing Australian Fisheries, Forrestry and 
Aqgriculture Dept Weed Risk Assessments on Aquatic life to determine 
if I can have it listed on my aquaculture licence.   The weed risk 
assessment protocols for Australia are available on 
The local NT Gov attitude to weeds is different to mine but we are 
trying to get to agreements on each species.  The weed scientists are 
very busy with other invasive weeds and it is much easier to say no 
to everything.  However if I do the weed risk assessment they look 
over it and approve or disapprove the plant.

If you read that website you will know what the official version of a 
weed in Australia will be.   It is as exciting as watching paint dry.


>Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 12:48:55 -0500
>"Scotty" <scottyflag at enter_net>
>A somewhat tongue in cheek but a question I have always wondered about and
>with all of the experts on this list maybe I could get the answer. What
>distinguishes a plant from a weed ?