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Toilets, etc.

>  What distinguishes a plant from a weed ?

Well, it's been my observation that the difference between weeds and 
plants has alot to do with character. A weed typically pushes it's 
way in and chokes the plants out. Weeds like to have their own way, 
with complete disregard for the community they live in.

Plants, on the other hand, take more pleasure in the simple things in 
life like obtaining the nutrition they need to grow and sharing the 
available light with their neighbors. Plants have character, which is 
why they are often taken advantage of and choked out by weeds. Your 
average plant just wants to get by and enjoy the freedom to reach for 
the light and flower now and then.

It's that character that inspires us to fertilize plants and 
encourage them to grow.

I know this because I enjoy talking to my plants. Theirs is a quiet, 
yet powerful voice.


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