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Re: Ludwigia glandulosa

Cavan wrote:
"The name Ludwigia glandulosa appears to be applied to two very different

I've looked at the photo in Baensch (Vol. 2, page 43) and compared it with
the photo on Dennerle's website (they sell it) and with the illustration on
the Tropica site (they sell it too). The could ALL be the same plant -
remember that how "red" or colorful a plant can get can depend to a great
extent on environmental factors. The plant used by the illustrator who did
the painting for Tropica might have just been grown under more favourable
conditions that the plants used for the other 2 photos.

The color on the specimen on the Tropica site is really beautiful and they
note that the leaves turn greener under bright light. They also not that it
comes from SE Asia, so that tends to rule out any connection with a species
from Peru.

James Purchase