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hair algae

I have a serious hair algae problem I can't get rid of. I'm willing to do 
whatever it takes!
Tank was setup 1 month ago with 3-4 inches flourite with couple handfuls of 
peat, no mulm but put seeded filter material in wetdry

125 gallon with overflows going to wet/dry, in the sump is heater and c02 
reactor output directly into  intake of rainbow quiet one , thru mechanical 
filter thru uv back to tank via spray bar along the bottom.

Lighting is 4x96 ah supply on 10 hours day

c02 goes off with lights and comes on 1 hour before lights

Kh 4
Ph 6.6-7.0 with ph monitor
gh 7
no3 4.4-8.8ppm(between bottom left rows of lamotte)
po4 .2-1.0ppm (Depending on if I test before or after dose of kh2po4) 
K 25ppm
My traces is where I think I have my problem. I'll test for Iron and It will 
be zero. I was adding enough tmg to bring it up to about .5 ( lamotte kit) 
About 100ml. I could do this pretty much everyday and it will drop down. I've 
tried less and I've tried more. I never have to add N. (five full grown 
discus in tank) I do have to add P. If I test after 2 days, p is zero - .2. I 
will bring it up to around .7-1.0. I have a lamotte kit for K and it usually 
says around 25-40, but I'm only adding around 1/2 tsp each water change. 
lately I have been doing water changes at least 2 times per week sometimes 3. 
Each time I try and get rid of as much algae as possible. I'm obviously doing 
something wrong because It grows back so fast. The plants are all growing 
pretty well, The swords new growth is small and just doesn't look right, 
Cambomba is growing great on right side of tank, but not in center back. 
Glosso is spreading  nice, but is rapidly covered in algae. Plenty of 

I can put my levels wherever you want them except I'm not sure what to do 
with my traces. I've just switched from tmg to a trace element mix from 
homegrown Hydroponics. I plan on adding enough to bring iron up to .5. Is 
this good. How often should I do this with this lighting?

One other thing, I added twenty ottos without quarintine, and it turned out 
they had ich at least. They all died and now the discus have ich. I turned 
the temp up to 86 and flipped the switch on the uv. There much better, so the 
temp is back down to 82, but the uv is still on 24/7 Other creatures are 
snails, 3 swordtails, 3 corys, and 36 amano shrimp. 
If you tell me I have to scrub and change water every day I'll do it! What 
I'm doing isn't working, and I can't hardley stand to look at the tank. I 
appreciate your help. If I missed anything you need please tell me and feel 
free to email me off list if you wish

Jeff Vamos
Cessnabum1 at aol_com