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Re: Ludwigia glandulosa

James Purchase wrote:

>"Ludwigia glandulosa Walt." is an American species - there are many web
>references to it growing in Tennessee and several other states. I haven't
>found out WHEN the name was first used, but several subspecies have been
>described variously in 1944 and 1986.

Lately, I have been researching the native wetland plants of my state (TN) 
and have some taxonomic info on Ludwigia glandulosa that may prove of 
interest.  According to the Institute for Systematic Botany (ISB), the name 
was first used by Walter in 1788.  Additionally, the ISB lists 5 known 
synonyms for L. glandulosa (in alphabetical order):

1.  Isnardia cylindrica (Elliott) de Candolle, 1828
2.  Jussiaea brachycarpa Lamarck, 1789
3.  Ludwigia cylindrica Elliott, 1817
4.  Ludwigia glandulosa Walter, var. typica Munz, 1944, nom. inadmiss.
5.  Ludwigia heterophylla Poiret, 1814

 From what I have learned thus far, "Ludwigia peruensis" is unlikely to be 
synonymous with L. glandulosa.  If it is not an outright misnomer, the 
species designation, peruensis, leads me to think of Peru.  Has a Peruvian 
Ludwigia sp. ever been described?
Chuck Huffine
Knoxville, Tennessee