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Re: ludwigia glandulosa/peruensis?

> Subject: ludwigia glandulosa/peruensis?
> Question about these two plants--
> are they interchangeable names for the same species?

I believe so as far as we are concerned regarding trade names.
> Anyone care to comment on their experience with these
> plants?

Nice plant, tends to pinker, lighter red when low on traces. A deep black
burgundy when happy. Sensitive stem. Use scissors when pruning, good self
propagator if given enough light and room(does better with _lots_ of light),
stems prone to melting if mishandled. Will sprout new stems off old stems if
topped. Remove these after they produce roots and plant. Remove old
stem(often rots after). Loves light, good substrate. Don't crowd from the
light. Hard plant for many over the long term(many cannot propagate it so
they have more plants but maintain the original stems by topping it). Roots
are very extensive(roots are half the plant).
Tom Barr 
> Arthur