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Re: Botia and snail eating

> Tom wrote "Botia striata does a great job at killing/eating them and
> is a nice little non-aggressive attractive fish."
> My question remains, "Is this little snail killer going to eat my
> shrimp?"  Or are they too fast?  Nervous Nellie want to know. J
> Alan

Well there is always that first kid that sticks their tongue to the frosty
ice cold metal flag pole in the school yard on a dare.........you could be
the first...
I think given the size of Botia striata( about 3in or a hair larger than the
Dwarf Botia) and semi passive nature they are the least likely candidate for
attacking shrimp, but I'd add the shrimp first, get them all fatten up then
see how B striata responds. Fish behavior issue. My notionj is they loaches
are small and the shrimp are good sized, I don't see how a 2 inch small
loach is going to make a meal out of a 1-1/2 fat shrimp.
B. dario/B loachata seem much more capable(and larger and much more
Tom Barr