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Re: Solenoid Valve for water drainage

>Another consideration is the standpipe in the toilet tank drains into the
>toilet itself which has a builtin p-trap to keep sewer gas out. A standpipe
>in an aquarium needs to be drained into a p-trap which has a low probability
>of plugging up, else if it fails you still overflow the aquarium. I think if
>it were possible it would be better just to have the drain go onto a shrub
>bed or something similar than plumbing into the sewer system.

Actually, it is common to plumb small "things that trickle" into the sewer
system. The most common example I can think of is the condensate line from
air conditioners. Usually people just put it over a floor drain, but you
can also get tiny sinks that mount directly on a piece of drain pipe that
are only maybe 4-5" diameter or so. I'm not sure what these are intended
for, but I commonly see them mounted on a trap and used to provide a place
to aim a little drain line at. Seems to work well, and as long as nothing
gets into the bowl except the condensate (and you can get lids for the
sink's bowl), there is almost no chance of the trap getting plugged.


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