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Re: Solenoid Valve for water drainage

James Kennedy noted about toilet valves:

> A valve that failed to open, tho,
> would be new to me.

Here's a new one that really about as old as they get:

Failure of the outflow valve to open is probably the second most common
problem with toilet valves, caused by a break in the chain that
connects the flush lever to the outflow valve, or more commonly, the
chain simply becomes unhooked from the lever.

Failure of the inflow valve to open occurs whenever the outflow valve
fails to open.  Failure of the inflow valve to open when the outflow
valve is in working order, is relatively rare among toilet failures but
can occur when the actuator becomes sticky.  Usually, the problem is
that they don't open all the way and the reservoir takes longer than
normal to fill.

The moral of the story is this, all moving parts (or assemblies of
parts) of any machine are subject to wear and failure.  To be immune
would be as magical as a perpetual motion machine.

Murphy has even more to say on the subject, but he's all wet.  :-)

BTW, a toilet is a wave-maker/surge device.  Some DIY reefers use the
basic setup (sans porcelain) with a return pump and the ball-cock
connected directly to the flapper.  It flushes, fills, flushes, fills
as long as the pump the runs - and as long as nothing breaks or wears

Scott H.

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