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Re: Re: Really Cloudy water, hehe more info?

Bill, thanks for the response:

> Frankly, it seems that you are doing just about everything right, as far
as I
> can see, except that you should have more plants.
Now that I know which plants are which, do you have any good places to buy
online?  I've searched and searched but the sites seem, um, how do I put
crappy?  I don't think I'd trust sending my card info to them, IOW.

> You might try thawing the frozen food under running water [snip]
I'll try rinsing the food from now on.  It seemed weird to me that I would
just drop the
cubes in there, but thats what I read.  The blood worms I only use every few
days anwyay.

> Three inches of gravel over the laterite sounds a bit much [snip]
I'll try to even out the gravel a bit to lessen the depth over the laterite
(back half of tank)

Thanks for the site, been there and forgot what page it was and couldn't
find it again.  Awesome!
>                    http://www.tropica.com/default.asp

> You will beat this thing eventually.  Don't let it get to you.  Maybe
> can sense tension. <g>
I'll try to keep my chin up, :-)

Btw, I'm happy that its clear, but I know it'll get cloudy again.
I'm going out today to get more plants, hopefully that will rid
the water of the cloud.

Thanks again