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Mike wrote:

"Not all types of silicone rubber are safe. The tub and tile varieties
anti-mildew agents that are toxic to fish. Be sure the package says "100%
silicone" and also specifically states that it is safe for aquariums."

You won't find that "safe for aquariums" statement on any hardware store
tubes of silicone, mostly because of liability issues. They don't want
people building aquariums out of their product that then fail due to
mis-application, and kill/injure people. The GE RTV 108 series of silicone
is safe, chemically, for aquariums. Structurally, it depends on the
application. It's available at Granger.com. (No association, yadda yadda, I
am not a chemist, a structural engineer, or your lawyer, use with caution,
terms apply)