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Re: Solenoid Valve for water drainage

Alan Kaufmann said, not without irony:

> For filling I am using Kent float
> valves
> which are mechanical, not electronic.  They are just as likely to
> fail as
> the float valve in your toilet.  I have never heard of one failing.
> :>)

I'm not sure if Alan is joking or not.  If not and he is reading this,
then hereby is hearing that lots of these have failed.  They are very
simple and very reliable, no doubt.  But if there is a very widely used
mechanical device that you never heard of having failed, listen harder.
 Even Hondas break down sometimes.

If Alan was joking, then I guess I need to listen harder.

BTW, you can use the parts for toilet reservoirs to make a fill and
drain system.  A real DIY project.  :-)

Scott H.

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