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Ah Supply Lights

Jerry wrote:

I already have the whole setup from AH Supply. My question was whether
these bulbs are *really* 75W. In the case that they are, I might like to
power them at 75W instead of the 55W that the AH Supply provided
ballasts (Fullham) do.


If the lamp is 2' long it is a 40, 50 or 55 watt lamp. The 55 watt lamps
are designed to work at 55 watts. You can overdrive them if you like
just remove one of the lamps from a dual lamp ballast and order an extra
ballast for the other lamp. You can also probably just get the next size
up Fulham ballast if they have one. When you do this you will shorten
the life and impair the lumen maintenance of an already short lived and
expensive lamp. Still doesn't make sense to me.