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Fancy Airstones and DIY applicability

I question whether the Eheim diffuser is really exclusive to tank-driven CO2
systems. I mean, it's basically a bubble-counter combined with a diffuser,
which means that bubbles are dispensed from the bottom of the device and
rise up to the ceramic diffuser. Maybe a tank-driven system actually creates
adequate pressure to force the CO2 gas through the ceramic disc, but to the
naked eye it appears that the bubbles simply rise from the bottom (i.e. the
CO2 line) and are then diffused through the disk.

I removed my diffuser, choosing instead to just run the CO2 through my Eheim
2215. Incidentally, doing that has not made my filter noisy in any respect.

I do use DIY CO2 on a couple of small tanks...perhaps I'll hook up the Eheim
diffuser and see for myself if it works with a yeast device.

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