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Bioplast CO2 Reactor

My LFS just gave me a bioplast CO2 reactor and at that price, I couldn't turn 
it down. The only catch is that I had to determine how to use it so he could 
sell the rest of some really old stock. I think I know how to use it but I 
want to make sure. Can somebody give me the directions so I can be sure not 
to screw it up?  Any information is appreciated.

Does anybody on the list have a tank where they purposely try to screw things 
up to see how fast they can get things back in "order?" Maybe I'm just crazy 
or a person with a lot of time on my hands but I look at algae not as a 
problem but a challenge to test my abilities. To that end, I have one tank 
that I constantly experiment with just to see what will happen. Does anybody 
else do that or should I begin to use my mental health benefits?

Scott S. not H. (Is there anyway to stop anymore Scotts from joining the 
list? I was already being beaten to the smart aleck comments by Scott H on a 
regular basis and then the other day, another Scott beat me to the punch 
line. No more Scotts and especially, no more wisenheimer Scotts!)