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Re: Ah Supply Lights

Wayne Jones wrote:
> IMO though buying a ballast for your lamps is not the best way to do
> things. For a system like this to be effective it should be combined
> with a high quality reflector. These lamps are not more efficient like
> many people seem to think. It is the small intense light source that
> makes the difference because it makes it possible to design a very good
> reflector in the limited space over the aquarium. It is just cheaper to
> by the whole kit from AH Supply buying a lamp, ballast and reflector
> separately.

I already have the whole setup from AH Supply. My question was whether
these bulbs are *really* 75W. In the case that they are, I might like to
power them at 75W instead of the 55W that the AH Supply provided
ballasts (Fullham) do.

Jerry Baker