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Ah Supply Lights

Jerry wrote:

I just noticed on the bulbs that came with my 55W Bright Kits from AH
Supply that they say 75W on the base. Does this mean I can power them
with 75W electronic ballasts? I am assuming so. If so, where can I find
150W electronic ballasts for PC bulbs (to power two)?

I reply:

Ballasts specifically designed for these lamps are available from
Advance, Sylvania or Fulham as well as any number of other
manufacturers. You can order them from an electrical supplier. You could
probably even use other ballasts not intended for PCs as long as you are
close to the correct current for those lamps. The current for those
lamps is 550 mA. The total power consumed by the lamp is almost exactly
55 watts. It must also be a rapid start ballast. You can use any rapid
start ballast that is designed to produce a 550mA output that has an
input current of at least 60 watts per lamp. A ballast for a T12 F60
lamp should be about right but I wouldn't bet the farm on it. I know it
will work but it's hard to know exactly how it will perform.

IMO though buying a ballast for your lamps is not the best way to do
things. For a system like this to be effective it should be combined
with a high quality reflector. These lamps are not more efficient like
many people seem to think. It is the small intense light source that
makes the difference because it makes it possible to design a very good
reflector in the limited space over the aquarium. It is just cheaper to
by the whole kit from AH Supply buying a lamp, ballast and reflector