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Azoo plant hormones

I didn't get any response on this from the Superthrive
thread, so I'll give it its own.  Looking through the
Foster/Smith catalogue I noticed some Azoo plant
hormone products.  

One is Plant Growth Accelerator.  "Accelerate the
rapid growth of water plants ... with plant auxins. 
Unique formula increases the volume of cells, stems,
roots and leaves of water plants.  Stimulates the
growth of roots and leaf buds."  

Another is Plant Growth Stimulator.  "Plant zeatin
stimulates the rapid split of cells, promotes the
growth of lateral buds and the expansion of water
plant leaves"  

What are Auxins and Zeatins?  Snake oil?  Or is there
something to it?  It is cheap...  It would also be
nice to have larger leaves and such if it does in fact
work.  How might they compare to Superthrive?  Or is
Superthrive more for roots?  

Where can you get Superthrive?  

Thanks, Cavan

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