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Re: Wrap wrap

Matt & Linda Crocker asked:
> My email is set for HTML and for 76 characters, is that the proper
> amount?  Or are we supposed to use plain text?  How many characters?

Setting your outgoing mail to Plain Text will get your messages
accepted on almost any board or list.  Some sites filter out from
messages whatever isn't plain text. Some reject mail that is html
formatted.  I thought APD rejected but obviously you are getting

Plain text is prefered for APD, I don't know if it filters (Listmom can
you tell us?)

Setting outgoing mail to 72 or even 64 characters will benefit some
readers whose software doesn't automatically wrap lines too long to fit
in their mail-read window. 

When in doubt about how you are coming across, you can manually enter a
carraige return-line feed by hitting the enter key every 60 or 70
characters or so.  Although that's a pain.

Scott H.

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