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Re: status of book: Aquarienpflanzen

Roxanne Bittman asked the continuing question:

> Does anyone know if Kasselman's book is out in English yet?  I'd
> heard
> on the APD that it was due out in March.

The date has been moved to June 2002 for 

*Aquarium Plants* by Christel Kasselmann, Ulf Kotlenga (Translator)

But the date has been moved several times so far, and might move again.

I know that doesn't help, but it's the truth,

 My email is set to Word Wrap, but I still get complaints; what
> should I do?

If someone brilliant fellow doesn't respond, let me know off list and
I'll help you figure it out.  It could be problem with how your mail
server (no, the other kind of mail server :-)  ) is handling your mail.

Scott H.

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