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Re: Word Wrap - or is Outlook changing how I look (in text)?

It seems some folks are annoyed that some others don't wrap their text
with a CRLF (carraige return-line feed) every 40-60 characters or so.

Some Text editors, including email programs, do this automatically, on
others you have to set "Word Wrap" or "Wrap Text" to "Yes."

Some text readers, including some email programs, automatically wrap
text regardless of whether it was written with "Word Wrap."

So some people never see a problem.  And some of us less technically
knowledgable wouldn't know what of the above situations applies to the
programs we use.

If some one person's text is giving you a problem, maybe you could send
them a note off list, asking what email editor they use, then advise
them on how to set the Wrap. 

I suspect that, generally, unwrapped text is not the kind of thing a
person does to intentionally annoy people.

Scott H.

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