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Algae and, so called, algae problems

Hey gang,

It seems that every digest we recive, there is a post
about someone with algae problems...or a lawsuit;) I
have emersed myself in this hobby in a huge way, just
like the rest of us. I have setup and torn down my 4
tanks dozens of times, and have come to many
conclusions about algae. Here are some:.....

1. Tom Barr is right: CO2!! Get that right first.
Don't cut corners here. CO2 is more important than
light at this point in *this* hobby's life. We all
know that adequate light is neccessary, but it seems
that adequate CO2 is not nearly as recognized.

2. Do water changes....big ones and once a week. It'll
fix all of your mistakes and it's good for your fish.
Your tap water (more than likely) has tons of good
stuff for your plants. Take advantage of free ferts!!
Algae hate disturbances and new water sure is a
disturbance....It is my contention that a *little bit*
of chlorine is good for the system (in a planted
tank). It kills many unicellular critters and keeps
your water column's free floating algae at bay. Do
your water changes. 

3. Just hang on a sec. It'll work itself out, I swear!
 Be patient. Algae is persistent and takes
weeks/months to go away depending on your experience
and the severity of your infestation. This is a hard
learned lesson. I tore down many a tank to try and
stop algae...it was an excersize in futility. Listen
to the "Plant Health Gurus" on this list. They know
how to grow plants. If you can grow plants, then you
know how to control algae. You *can't* eliminate it.
YOU CAN'T ELIMINATE ALGAE!! It is always present.

4. Plants need every kind of element that is essential
for plant growth. Sound stupid?....Good. IE: If you
don't give a plant Nitrogen of some sort, it will die.
The same goes for every other essential element. If it
doesn't get dosed from from your tap, or fish food, or
fert regimen then you *need* to add it for the plant's
sake. Otherwise, the algae will capitolize on your
plant's misfortune. This is the *simple* explanation
of proper fertilization which leads to algae free

I feel confident now that I can eliminate *any* algae
threat by keeping these few simple things in mind. I
posted this hoping that it helps someone like me in
the earliest stages...Totally impatient;)

It really is *that* simple,

John Wheeler

BTW...virtually any specific algae problem is covered
in the archives. Just look:)    

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