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Anybody want (dying) stargrass?

I have some Heteranthera zosterifolia that are just not happy in my 
5.5-gallon tank. They're definitely growing and the very tips appear to be 
quite healthy. Beyond the tips, though, the leaves get spotty, then they 
erode. I think they need stronger light (more than 2.5 wpg). I'd like to 
get rid of all of it and space out some of my healthier plants, but I'd 
sort of feel bad about just chucking it since it's still hanging on... 
Might anybody be interested in some "plants with potential"? They do have 
the will to survive, I'll give them that... But I haven't the means to get 
them thriving.

If interested, please e-mail me. Keep in mind that they may not survive too 
long of a trip. Thanks.