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"Fancy Airstones"

Dave, I have another question for you. Recently you said:

>"Ed, you have overlooked a third kind:  fancy airstones.  They are made
>ADA, Dupla, Point Four (very large ones for huge tanks), Sera (I think)

I went to the Dupla site and the Eheim site to see what these "Fancy
Airstones" would look like. All I found was a diffuser on the Eheim site
which used the spray from a pump outlet and injected gas (air or CO2)
into the water stream. There was a similar item on the Dupla site. I
then remembered that I have one of these in the deep dark recesses of
some aquarium drawer someplace! Is this the item that you were talking
about, or do you really mean an airstone which does not use water as a
propellent. How do you think an Eheim diffuser would work for a 100
gallon tank?