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Re: CO2 reactors

At 03:48 PM 3/22/02 -0500, Ed Dumas asked:

>"Ed, you have overlooked a third kind:  fancy airstones.  They are made
>ADA, Dupla, Point Four (very large ones for huge tanks), Sera (I think)
>Eheim.   Note that most are German.  The fancy airstones use part of the
>pressure the CO2 is under to atomize the bubbles and deliver a very fine
>mist into the aquarium water.   This mist dissolves for the most part on
>its trip towards the surface."
>You make a good point. Do you think something like this would be good
>for a tank of 100 gallons?

Actually, Steve Dixon used exactly this method (with 2 Eheims) in a 
180.  It is very flexible.

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