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Re: Substrate Heating, R/O questions, et al

> I'm planning on heating the base cabinet of the setup (and insulating it)
with a small electric heater and
> possibly a secondary fan to ensure even distribution in the hope that this
will provide the same effect as
> would heating cables (yet another area I would like to cheap-out on).  Any

I'm not an expert, but heaters in small enclosed spaces scare me.    I would
rather spend a little bit
on cables and not worry.  I bought some AZOO cables from M3 -
  http://www.marine-monsters.com/front/products/ma-subheater.html for my
120.  They come with the
little suction cup tie downs.  You can buy a thermostat (extra) for the
cables if you want.  I just
plug mine into a wall timer which allows you to set on/off in half hour
Price for the cables was much better than I envisioned ($50-60) - give M3 a