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Re: Anti-SLAPP

>I was wondering, is there anyway we could move APD to a state with
>anti-SLAPP laws?  If it could be done transparently, eventually any company
>that comes to APD to prevent discussion of its practices would then be
>subject to those laws and legal action could be taken.  Anyone know anyone
>in California, say, that might be willing to host this? I don't know how it
>would work with ACTWIN, but it might be an option to look into.

Hmm. Lots of states have Anti-SLAPP laws now. I'm not sure about Michigan
(where my company is based), but it's easy enough to find out. If Actwin
runs into serious trouble, which I doubt is going to happen, I could
arrange for us to host the list on one of our servers. We use ez-mlm
though, not MajorDomo, although I could run Majordomo somewhere if
necassary. We use ez-mlm since it works very well with qmail
(http://www.qmail.org) that we started running several years ago after
getting tired of dealing with all the security holes in Sendmail. I can
arrange to locate a server in Ohio too, although I don't know how it would
work if the server was in Ohio but the operating company was based in
Michigan should MI not have Anti-SLAPP and thus the reason for putting a
server in OH. 


Waveform Technology
UNIX Systems Administrator