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Re: Disenfecting Plants?

Alan wrote:
<"First, I just want to say that I don't think much of
the response, "Go look in the archives".  It always
sound to me like, "Go take a flying F*** and stop
bothering us".  Personally, I have never even figured
out how to look in the archives.  If I see a post that
doesn't interest me I don't bother reading it...and I
sure as heck don't bother responding to it!  Besides,
sometimes old questions elicit new responses.  Maybe
my response will be new, but I really don't know
because I didn't check the archives...............>

I think people should do some due diligence before
asking a question or else we should remove the archive
because it serves no purpose.  Your take on the my
post is way off base.  By the way, there is a plethora
of info in the APD archives on bleaching plants. 
Additionally I gave him the concentration to use in
the post.  

By the way what I really find annoying is posts that
don't use Word Wrap.


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