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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1711

>>there are basically two different types of
>>reactors for those systems. There is the kind that sits inside the tank,
>>CO2 is brought in via an air line tube, and the reactor is driven by a
>>small powerhead inside the tank. The other type sits outside of the
>>tank, is usually much larger, and water is pumped to it and back with a
>>more substantial in-line water pump.
>Ed, you have overlooked a third kind:  fancy airstones.

The fourth way is to use the outlet of the power filter as the water input
into the reactor (in-tank reactor, can be a simple as a 250 ml water bottle
from the grocery store - water in the top, CO2 in at the "shoulder", CO2
enriched water out through holes cut in the bottom. Filled with media, it
will give 100% efficiency).

And there is at least a fifth way - the inverted cup approach.
CO2 bubbles go directly into an inverted cup (or some length of clear
acrylic channel, or black ABS pipe with holes at the bottom and plants
attached to the outside) and the CO2 simply diffuses into the water.
The cup or channel may need to be vented every now and then and can
effectively be hidden. (Good for small tanks).

Michael Eckardt