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Re: potassium permanganate - warning


I just wanted to warn everyone to be careful handling and storing 
potassium permanganate.  It is a strong oxidizer.  Improper use of 
the solid or strong solution can cause a fire or explosion.  I am not 
trying to scare anyone from using it but just warning everyone to 
treat it with some "respect", just like concentrated hydrochloric 
(muriatic) acid needs to be treated with "respect".  Make sure you 
pay attention to the warnings that come with the chemical.    I would 
recommend storing a glass bottle of potassium permanganate in a 
slightly larger container to prevent breakage or to contain a spill. 
I would not put spilled solid crystals into the trash - they may 
react with some of the items in the trash.  Also, potassium 
permanganate will stain your skin (as well as many other things such 
as the clothes previously mentioned).