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How to make a very effective CO2 reactor cheaply and easily

How to make a very effective CO2 reactor cheaply and easily: Go to the hardware store and buy a piece of 2" PVC pipe that is eight inches long. Get reduction fittings for both ends to take the openings down to " female threaded. Buy two " male threaded barbed hose connectors. Also pick up a small sink strainer. Then go to the garden section and buy a bag of red lava pebbles. You will also need a two-inch piece of 1/8" rigid plastic tubing. Go home.

Assemble the bottom half of the PVC pipe with the reduction fittings. Put the strainer inside. Just above the fittings drill a 1/8" hole and insert the rigid plastic tubing so that inside opening is in the center of the PVC pipe and glue in place. Fill the PVC pipe with lava stones and assemble/glue the top reduction fittings in place. Screw on the hose connectors. Attach upright to your stand. Attach a water-input line to the top hose connector and an output line to the bottom. Attach CO2 tubing to the 1/8" rigid plastic tubing on the side. You are done.

The water runs down the lava stones, the CO2 bubbles up. They mix together and live happily ever after. The way I use this is as follows: I split the output of the pump from my wet/dry with most of the water going to a spray bar inside my tank, and a smaller amount going up to an external plant filter that hangs on the back of the tank stand. The water from the plant filter exits into the top of my CO2 reactor, and then drops down and goes through my UV filter before re-entering the sump of my wet/dry. Works great!


Alan Kaufmann, Psych Tech
Napa, California..................    
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