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Re: Superthrive

I have not used Superthrive, but I have used the plant Hormones Gibberllins,
Auxins and Zeatin.
After each dosage of Gibberellins I find that my stem plants put out roots
from the portion above the substrate and the leaves around the root drop
off - especially Eustralis Stellata.
On dosing Auxins I find that the inter nodal distance increases considerably
and the stems start to look too leggy. Zeatin has the same effect but
induces my Echinodorus to put out runners and flower stalks.
A mixture of Gibberellins and Auxins leads to chaos and my stem plants
really ruin the picture.
A mixture of all the above three produces all of the above three effects in
my aquarium which requires repeated massive water changes to overcome ( Bad
real Bad ).
The best way to use these hormones is to uproot the plant and slice off one
root hair, dip the sliced root hair for half a minute in a mixture of the
above three hormones and plant the stem or plant. The plant takes off and
establishes itself pretty fast. I have tried it on new aquariums and
established ones. I recommend their use only on plants to be introduced into
aquariums and not into the water column.

As usual YMMV, YOMV, YEMV.

Madan Subramanian
Bangalore, India.