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Re: Brown sludge

> 35 gallon acrylic
> 220W compact flourescent (both only on for part of the day, otherwise
> it is staged)

Wow, more light than me!

> Eheim Pro II 2026 canister filter
> m3 CO2 deluxe system controlled by an Aquacontroller II
> pH kept between 7.00 and 7.05

And your KH? GH?

> temp kept at 78.5-80
> Flourite substrate
> It seems we have pretty soft water here (KH of 4 from the tap) and
> I've had to add baking soda after a while as the water gets softer in
> the tank.

Do you do weekly water changes? Just do that.
Set your Controller for 6.6-6.7 @ a KH of 4.

> Local water supply has roughly 5-6ppm nitrates.

Sounds good. Do 50% water changes weekly then.

> Any pointers on what I could do more for this tank?  This algae is quite
> quickly detracting from the beauty of the tank.

Sounds like Diatom mats. You need more CO2 at this high light value.

> I know I should be adding something to this tank, but I am not sure
> exactly what and how much so I have not been adding anything outside of
> water changes and baking soda when the KH drops too low.

Check out the www.sfbaaps.com under "references". Your going to need K2SO4,
KH2PO4, and certainly KNO3. Then you need to add traces.
Your tank is starved. It'll do well when first get going but you did not add
anything after that. Then you get algae. Light(you have a huge amount), CO2,
(you likely do not have enough unless your KH is at 7 or 8 which is
unnecessary when your KH is 4) and nutrients. Your missing the last part and
need more CO2 very likely.

Tom Barr

> Thanks in advance,
> Robert Chady
> Chippewa Falls, WI