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Advice requested - algae I have not seen before

Ok, time for me to come out of lurking mode.  A while back I finally got
around to setting up a heavily planted tank, something I have wanted to do
for some time.  Everything has been going absolutely *great* until these
last couple days when suddenly I started seeing a brown sludge-like algae
starting to coat the substrate and some of the plants.  It is a real
light brown/grey in color and isn't like anything I have seen before.
There also is some type of hair-like algae growing on the plants, but
until recently that wasn't a problem as the plants were growing so fast it
didnt have a chance to buildup much.

My tank specs are:

	35 gallon acrylic
	220W compact flourescent (both only on for part of the day, otherwise
	it is staged)
	Eheim Pro II 2026 canister filter
	m3 CO2 deluxe system controlled by an Aquacontroller II 
	pH kept between 7.00 and 7.05
	temp kept at 78.5-80
	Flourite substrate
	It seems we have pretty soft water here (KH of 4 from the tap) and
	I've had to add baking soda after a while as the water gets softer in
	the tank.
	Local water supply has roughly 5-6ppm nitrates.

	I don't have the listing handy of the latin names for all the plants,
	but the rough list is, plus or minus some typos:

		Crypt spiralis
		Jungle val
		Italian val
		Corkscrew val
		Rottala indica
		Blood stargrass
		Ozelot sword
		Crypt wenditti or something like that
		micro chain sword
		A chunk of xmas moss
		A red sword I received from Daphne

	Also, up until recenty I have had plant growth like I could not
	believe.  On my pruning before last, I had to remove a 3' section of
	one of the vals as it had grown that much and was wrapped around the
	top of the tank .  I also learned why they call this micro chain sword
	a 'chain' sword.  This thing has sent out runners all over the place
	and is growing like mad.  Growth seems to have slowed down a bit, though I 
	still get a lot of pearling.

Any pointers on what I could do more for this tank?  This algae is quite
quickly detracting from the beauty of the tank.  

Oh, I almost forgot the fish.  I have 6 *super* red rosy barbs, 4 immature
german blue rams, 2 small SAE's, a mixture of ghost/amano shrimp, 4 cory
matae's and 5 otocinclus.

I know I should be adding something to this tank, but I am not sure
exactly what and how much so I have not been adding anything outside of
water changes and baking soda when the KH drops too low.

Thanks in advance,

Robert Chady
Chippewa Falls, WI