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Re: Soil Heating Cables

Gordon Watkins asked about soil heating cables:

> Has anyone tried or considered using soil heating cables for aquarium
> use? They are used in greenhouses and coldframes for plant
> propagation
> and are typically buried in soil. Two brands I've looked at,
> Gro-Quick
> and Redi-Heat, are described as having a tough, moisture proof pvc
> jacket and a continuous safety grounding braid. Cables come in
> lengths
> of 10 to 240 feet with either automatic pre-set thermostats (70 F),
> or
> for use with a separate thermostat which costs $142. Since they are
> described as "moisture proof" and are designed for use in wet
> environments, I wonder if they could be used for substrate heating?
> Any
> thoughts?

The term "moisture proof" as opposed to "water proof" doesn't give me a
comfortble feeling -- but it could make one fell tingly all over.  ;-)

Ask the manufacturer or at least test one under controlled conditions
before setting up a tank with one of these.  Once the tank is set up,
you've commited an awful lot of personal energy. 

Scott H.

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