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Re: CO2 Reactor

> Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 20:08:48 -0800
> From: Ed Dumas <a4a48835 at telus_net>
> Subject: CO2 Reactor
> I am finally beginning the process of hunting down deals on CO2 systems,
> and have learned that there are basically two different types of
> reactors for those systems. There is the kind that sits inside the tank,
> CO2 is brought in via an air line tube, and the reactor is driven by a
> small powerhead inside the tank. The other type sits outside of the
> tank, is usually much larger, and water is pumped to it and back with a
> more substantial in-line water pump.
> Now my question is, which do the experts out there prefer? Which type
> has better difusion, and which one has more of the Pain-In-The-Ass
> Factor? This PITA factor includes cleaning, leakage, more "disruptions"
> in the sightlines of the tank, or anything else you may have found with
> reactors. If you have an opinion from experience, I am interested
> because I am at a toss-up with this part of the system.
> Thanks!
> Ed
After a lot of experimenting and trying different "diffusers" I settled on
an external reactor from HydroLogix. I've had it in use since 11/00 and have
not done any maintenance to it at all. I went external so I could keep
unnecessary distractions out of my tank and so that any maintenance required
would not disturb my tank. I also wanted the best efficiency to get the CO2
into the water and reactors seem to be better at this IMHO. You can check
out a more thorough description and opinion at:
http://www.home.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/Misc.html .  I have pictures of my
setup at: http://www.home.cshore.com/luna/Fishpics/hydrolog.htm . One change
that I did make is to cover the unit with aluminum foil to keep any light
out of it as it's in a spot that gets daylight part of the day. There are a
few other brands being sold and I would imagine that they work just as well,
and I'm sure we will from others on this. One other nice thing with this
setup is that it is powered by my Eheim external canister filter, so no
other pump and it's associated noise is necessary.
Bob Buettner
In NW CT where winter has finally arrived...
Still relaxing and looking for a job :>)