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C.D.K. Cook on Indian aquatic plants

C.D.K. Cook, who wrote the Aquatic Plant Book (used as a source for plant
names by Tropica) also authored a book on aquatic plants of the Indian
subcontinent - Aquatic and Wetland Plants of India (1996). Apparently, it
covers around 600 species found south of the Himalayas.

I'm wondering if anyone is familiar with the book (or with the aquatic
plants found in India). I already have Cook's other book, which covers all
genera with aquatic representatives found worldwide, but it doesn't have
much detail at the species level, other than the total number of species per
genus and the number considered aquatic.

Is anyone aware if the book on Indian aquatic plants goes down to the
species level?

Also, I know that the native range of many aquatic plant species is very
large and a book on one specific area might be very helpful over a wider
territory - are the any (or many) of the species we grow in aquariums likely
to be covered in this book?


James Purchase