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Re:Disenfecting Plants?

>>There is much info in the APD archives on this topic
additionally www.thekrib.com has a section in the
plant section devoted to it.  Use the archives!

A 5% bleach solution is recommended concentration.


Actually there is not a whole lot of detailed info about this on the Krib.
The different methods used in disinfecting plants is listed. The info given
on Lime it is basically what it says on the label, it kills snails, snail
eggs, algae and pathogens. Eric was asking me earlier specifically if this
stuff would kill infectios diseases to fish that may be carried on plants.
Anything specific is not listed on the label, but it is easy to use, very
inexpensive and seems to work as well as any other known treatment. And you
do not have any melt down of plants at all as is possible when using bleach.

Robert Paul Hudson