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needle valve!

Does anybody have a needle valve they are not using and would like to give
to a good person who just ran into some bad luck.  I was using DIY co2 until
a week ago I saved enough nickels and pennies to afford to by a used co2
tank and regulator but not a needle valve.  Being anxious I put them in
place instead of waiting till I had the money for the needle valve.  At
first it seemed as if I could regulate the co2 just fine without it...
Until last night.....      I woke this morning to a sound I did not like it
was my reactor sucking air because it was floating at the surface and still
pumping co2 into the tank.  When I flipped on the light          Yep I did
all but a male Betta and a few Cory cats(which surprised me) over 30 fish
rainbows, an angel, yo yo loaches, even some fish I wasn't aware were still
in the tank.  I took them out after a few hours of attempted resuscitation
with an air pump.
It will be a while till I can afford a needle valve now so I just thought I
would check and see if someone might have a spare sitting around they might
part with.


Matt W.