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Re: Disenfecting Plants?

Eric wrote:
"I didn't get much response about anitbiotics and
plants (Re: Tank
o death for cories), so I'll try a different tack.

How do you disenfect plants?  I'd like to get the bad
bacteria off
my plants and put them in a seperate tank while I'm
treating my
main tank w/ antibiotics.  I've heard that a 5% bleach
dip is
effective, but I'm worried that it will be too hard on
the plants
and may not be enough to kill the bad bacteria.

Also Lime-It was suggested as a dip.  I'm even more
dubious that
this will work as a good bacterialcide.

Thanks for your input,


There is much info in the APD archives on this topic
additionally www.thekrib.com has a section in the
plant section devoted to it.  Use the archives!

A 5% bleach solution is recommended concentration.


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