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Re: Chelating agents

Terry wrote:
"I've been adding daily doses of
Excel and tried adding a little extra trying to get the plants to grow
faster.  I also was adding extra Leaf Zone for the potassium and iron.  What
did I get.... lots of plant growth that was nearly white!  I couldn't figure
out what was wrong, not until I read the tidbit copied below.  Since Excel
has "Fe reducing properties", Leaf Zone contains EDTA and my water has no
iron in it at all, I have surmised that there was an imbalance of chelates
to Fe and the iron was being drawn from my plants."

Hold on a minute! You are getting WAY ahead of yourself here. My original
post made reference to the possibility that an excess of free chelating
agents can pull nutrients out of your plants. I was referring to adding FREE
chelating agent, not one which is already bound to nutrients (as it would be
in Leaf Zone). The "Fe reducing properties" of Excel aren't an issue in
this. You _can_ buy raw chelating agents and given the inventiveness of
people on this list, I was afraid that you might have poured some into your
tank. THAT could cause problems, for the resons I quoted.

Don't surmize too much from your experience, EXCEPT that you should follow
the manufacturer's directions regarding dosing of fertilizers unless you
KNOW what you are doing.

"After a 50% water change
and normal initial additions of Excel, Leaf zone, Flourish potassium and
Flourish comprehensive plant supplements my plants are growing fast and
greening up.  I do need to buy plain iron next but things are back on

See? NORMAL dosing works for you and your plants. Don't fiddle too much.

James Purchase