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Re: Micranthemum micranthemoides

    * From: "Sally Poole" <sally at windshift_org>

Anyone else get Science News?  In the March 16, 2002 issue there is an
article on possibly extinct plants and animals.  (Vol.161, p168) A botanist
with NatureServe has been searching for this plant in the tidewater
mid-Atlantic range since 1980.  The last record of the plant dates from
1941.  Is he not looking at the right aquarium plant sales sites or are we
calling it the wrong thing??

That's interesting because I am pretty sure I saw the species along Black
Creek, south of Hattiesburg, Misissippi, last summer.  I didn't collect any
because I already had it.  I will have to take a closer look next time I
get down there.

Paul Krombholz in central Mississippi, still getting rain behind the cold