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Re: Water Changes

"A question about water changes.  Why are they necessary (if they are

Hello Dom,

I was trained as a chemical engineer.  I will reply you with my little
scientific knowledge rather than planted tank expertise (which I lacked and
is in abundance on this list).

To keep a system in equilibrium, any thing added into the system must be
exactly equal to that removed from it.  Therefore, in a tank, unless what
you add into the tank for your plants/fishes are exactly in the proportions
of what the plants/fishes consume(not practically possible), you are going
to have some elements being accumulated and others depleted.  On the other
hand, what plants/fishes produce, have to be removed at the same rate as it
is produced (difficult to acheive), otherwise, something will accumulate.
Therefore, to prevent depletion and accumulation of any element, a periodic
water change is the only solution.

BC (Singapore)