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DIY CO2 pressure and smallish swords

Greetings everyone, 

I am a big proponent of DIY CO2 and I use steel or fine ceramic airstones without any problems. The steel ones I like best because the don't seem to corrode or get clogged as much. I also give my yeast more that just sugar and water. mollasses and protein shake mixes make nice supplements. 

I currently have what I believe is the "natural" ? form of E. parviflorous (sp?)  which I really like. It has plenty of room in my tank and my largest one is still only ~14" tall (after several years). I also have a large grass sword (it was a gift I don't know what species) that is only ~4-5" tall. It has a ton of leaves per plant which makes a nice full half-ball shape. It could be a good middle ground plant in a small tank.  the leaves are around 5mm wide and light green.

in downright soggy Dallas.