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RE: Aquatic Plants Digest V4 #1706

>>     A few weeks ago I read on here something about using Calcium
>>to raise KH and GH, I can't remember how much was suggested to use to get
>>raise in KH and GH.
>>     Also what I wanted to know is Calcium Carbonate going to give me the
>>same kind of results as Seachems Equlibrium and Alkaline buffer? Everytime
>Equilibrium does not contain calcium carbonate. Calcium carbonate is
>_very_ insoluble in water so you won't be able to achieve the same GH
>with calcium carbonate as you would with Equilibrium.

Having used calcium carbonate in the form of crushed coral for a few years,
I have been pleased overall.  I was able to get my gH up to about 20 and my
up to about 16 before I got the hang of it.  The biggest problems you will
into are that it works slowly, can't independently control gH and kH, and is
hard to control in general.  The slow part is actually nice, since it makes
easier to control (I know, sounds like a contradiction).  Since its slow,
it hits the mark, you remove the coral.  I put it in a bag in the filter
needed and remove it when its no longer needed.  I'm actually in the process
of converting over to using baking soda and calcium chloride, since that
much much finer control, independent gH and kH, and is very soluble.