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Re: Piranha in a planted tank

I said:

> <<Most of these fish will eat the plants. But you could try a school of
> whimple piranha in a planted tanks which I have always wanted to do.>>
> My local zoo actually has a tank like this, although the planting is really
> light (The tank's quite dim, presumably to keep the fish calm, really nice 180
> though). I have one main question about it. I know they don't really strip
> cows and what have you unless starved, but everything I've read says you
> probably shouldn't reach into the tank anyway, and to keep kids and pets far
> away, so how exactly would you prune/plant/generally care for the tank?
> Partition 'em off?

They are more scared of you:) I would not get them too excited if you have
the more dangerous species. The whimple is not such a dangerous species to
us. Come on, live on the edge, how fast can prune and get out before those
teeth remove thy green thumb? Have faith! They are more a guppy eater. They
have a large upturn lower jaw.
No, really, these are very beautiful and nice fish. Look at one in a fish
book. Active schooling fish to 15cm. Legal in most states also unlike their
bigger cousins.
I've actually encouraged folks to stick their fingers in, free food for my
fish! Suppose one could use chain mail pruning gloves. They use them at
butcher shops to prevent digit losses. Wash the blood off before
borrowing/using those first:) I'm just kidding! They are not mean at all.
They certainly have a bad rap, guess I'm not helping but I like joke on this
one anyway. Some very nice fish in the family.
Tom Barr 
> - -Molly & the fish