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Re: Silver Dollars

>>I know they don't really strip cows and what have you unless 
>>starved, but everything I've read says you probably shouldn't 
>>reach into the tank anyway, and to keep kids and pets far away, 
>>so how exactly would you prune/plant/generally care for the tank? 
>>Partition 'em off?

Are you confusing these with other more aggressive members of the Pirana
family?  Silver dollars are quite harmless to you and I.  

However, drop a half dozen in my wife's cichlid tank, and the fins on
silver dollars three times the size of her cichlids are quickly shredded
<GRIN> ...  My wife calls Silver Dollars "guppies" (because she thinks
they are pretty wimpy)<G>!!!

I on the other hand actually have some black mollies in my 180 gallon
tank so obviously I like mollies [or molly's] of all types, so Molly ...
enjoy your Silver Dollars ... but I wouldn't worry about sticking my
fingers into a tank of silver dollars.  My wife teachers her cichlids to
come to the front of the tank to be "petted" before she feeds them ...
when her Silver Dollars could still swim, they use to come to the front
to be petted as well.

Just so the PETSD don't get mad at me (People for the Ethical Treatment
of Silver Dollars) ... my wife's silver dollars are recovering very
slowly in another tank now, one of the three has about half of his fins
back (the other two are gimping along more slowly).

Actually, SAE's are more dangerous to me than the Silver Dollars, my
SAE's keep trying to PRUNE the hairs on my arms AND THAT TICKLES!!!!!!!

Newsletter aka Greg Watson